Case Study

Esotropias (crossed eyes)

Esotropias (crossed eyes)


We all love those accommodative esotropias! Or more commonly, the partially accommodative esotropias. Johnny is in Prep at school and his left eye is starting to turn in, especially after school.

Johnny’s Ret is +2.00 R and L and cyclo is +2.75 R and L. Even with this script – which is all he tolerates in the distance (although his VA is 6/7.5) – he is 3esophoria distance and 7esophoria near. MEM is +3.50 and with this add, his near phoria improves to 1eso. With a +4 add he swings to 1exo near. Johnny’s distance Rx alone doesn’t reduce the near phoria enough to allow him to last a day at school comfortably so we needed to consider a near add.

Lisa Bakker, Optometrist

26 years’ experience and member of ACBO.

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